In partnership with
Geneva Free Ports & Warehouses SA

Anthea has joined forces with Geneva Free Ports & Warehouses SA to provide worldwide collectors with top quality warehousing services.

Recognized worldwide for its top security and conservation standards, Geneva Free Ports & Warehouses SA is a warehouse and logistic company serving art collectors since 1888. The Swiss Canton of Geneva, who controls a majority of 87% of the company, ensures the highest level of professionalism combined with impeccable standards of corporate governance and accountability.

The Geneva Free Ports & Warehouses operates two sites, Praille and Geneva International Airport. Both located in the canton of Geneva, covering a total surface of up to 165,000sqm. They offer clients a comprehensive range of storage solutions from 20sqm to several 1000sqm under two storage regimes: “Free Port” or “Swiss imported”.

Whatever your needs are: office spaces, small storage area or large deposits, secured or standard, showrooms, support for custom formalities or digitalization of your artworks the Geneva Free Ports & Warehouses has a solution to offer specifically tailored for your fine art holdings but also wine, cigars, musical instruments and other collectibles.

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